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Chairman’s Desk

Management of Yugantar Group of Institutes has always embedded a deep rooted belief in the value of education. Education is treated by us as one of the best investment that a country can make in the knowledge era of coming times – an educational system that is up to date, competitive and cuts across all barriers, which ultimately enables a society to envelop a technology-driven lifestyle. Ultimately this results in the transformation of population burden human resource not a truly renewable resource.

With the advent of the new century, we are entering a new world order in technological research and development. As committed educationalists, we adapt the techniques of education not only to face the ever-evolving challenges but also to be progressively creative through scientific research. It is our prime concern to empower the young men and women who join the Yugantar Institute of Technology & Management with the kind of creativity that the 21st century world of technology would anticipate.

Our quest for excellence over the years has built up the state of the art infrastructure and equipment, made more efficient by the most dedicated and experienced members of the faculty. To achieve desired dream, we leave no stone unturned in inculcating into our students and motivating them to have a deep sense of creativity, innovation and academic integrity, and stimulating interest in and exploring their potential.

I warmly welcome our fresher’s to the Yugantar Institute of Technology & Management and hope that they will enjoy the high quality education imparted in its various disciplines and upon its foundation build a great future for themselves. Discover the special qualities of Yugantar and its unique opportunities for learning and growing. For sure, at Yugantar Institute of Technology & Management, we are fired up and fuelled by an ambition... an ambition to reach and remain a top.

Er. Narendra Jain (Chairman)