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Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering, the branch of engineering concerned with the design, manufacture, installation, and operation of engines and machines and with manufacturing processes. It is particularly concerned with forces and motion. The mechanical engineer invents machines to produce goods and develops machine tools of increasing accuracy and complexity to build the machines

Mechanical Engineering has the reputation of being an ever evolving, ceaselessly and perpetually growing branch and its relevance is essentially undeniable. It is the branch of engineering that involves the production and usage of heat and mechanical power for the design, production, and operation of machines and tools. It is one of the oldest and broadest engineering disciplines.

Mr. AJAY BatraHOD(Mech)

Our Department is established since the inception of college in 2007. With an aim to develop highly competent Technocrats in Mechanical Engineering profession, department is equipped with up-to-date infrastructure. Department consists of highly dedicated, motivated, qualified and competent faculty.

The department possesses state of the art laboratories catering to the needs of the students.. Our Department supports an Innovative Methodology for Development of the teaching skills.

We believe that students need to enhance their technical skills in addition to bookish knowledge and therefore we encourage our student’s involvement in various projects. We also appreciate and motivate students interested in exploring the latest trends in the industry.

Industrial tours and visits, guest lecture by experts, workshops & training programs are arranged for students to bridge the gap between the academia and the industry.

S.No Name Designation Qualification Experience E-mail Contact No.
1 Ajay Batra HOD & Asst. Prof. M.E(Pursuing) & B.E 10 years 9179675367
2 Anand Kumbhare Associate Prof. M.E & B.E 15 years 8966000060
3 Abhishek S. Gadre Asst. Prof. M.E(Pursuing) & B.E 10 years 9406348993
4 Ashok Lilhare Asst. Prof. M.E(Pursuing) & B.E 10 years 9981756356
5 Digvijay Sahu Asst. Prof. M.E(Pursuing) & B.E 5 years 9907420714
6 Deepesh Dewangan Asst. Prof. M.E(Pursuing) & B.E 4 years 9479055282
7 Satdhar Sahu Asst. Prof. M.E(Pursuing) & B.E 4 years 9301334184
8 Hemraj Bhoyar Asst. Prof. M.E(Pursuing) & B.E 12 years 9755233213
9 Pravesh Kumar Soni Asst. Prof. M.E(Pursuing) & B.E 3 years 9827470473
10 Satvinder Singh Bhatia Asst. Prof. M.E(Pursuing) & B.E 3 years 9827473749
11 Piyoosh Gurupunchh Proterm Lecturer B.E (Mech) 5 years 9827063776
12 Manish Suranaa Proterm Lecturer B.E (Mech) 2 years 8103483443
13 Pankaj Kumar Giri Proterm Lecturer B.E (Mech) 2 years 9167795367
14 Mr. Dhaleshwar Baghel Asst. Prof. Mtech & B.E 1 year 8103456987
15 Komal Chand Kanauje Proterm Lecturer B.E (Mech) 1 year 8109987581
16 Mr. Vikas Verma Proterm Lecturer B.E (Mech) 1 year 9691473024
17 Mr. Amar Kumar Proterm Lecturer B.E (Mech) 1 year 7828073804
18 Sanamra Proterm Lecturer B.E (Mech) 2 years 9301036680
19 Niraj Kumar Proterm Lecturer B.E (Mech) 1 year 9329060201
20 Gaurav Shrivastava Proterm Lecturer B.E (Mech) 1 year 9827195972
21 Ramesh Dumbhare Proterm Lecturer B.E(MECH),DBM,PG Diploma in Pollution management, 38 years 9977181738
22 Rahul Jain Asst. Prof. M.Tech & B.E 2 years 8305934580
  • Kinematics of Machine Lab.
  • Dynamics of Machine Lab.
  • Fluid Machinery Lab.
  • Fluid Mechanics Lab.
  • Applied Thermodynamics Lab.
  • Internal Combustion Engine Lab.
  • Energy Conservation System Lab.
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Lab.
  • Machine Measurement & Metrology Lab.
  • Automobile Lab.
  • Heat & Mass Transfer Lab.
  • Material Testing Lab.
  • CAD LAB.
  • Robotics Lab.
  • Workshop.
  • Engineering Mechanics Lab.